Coronavirus Update 6-21-20

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend was the second with public Masses. Last weekend we were limited to ten people in the Church. This weekend we could have up to 144 with social distancing. Because of the social distancing we have thirty open pews. Our attendance at Masses this weekend was sparse. I thought that having sign-ups would increase attendance since the people who signed up would be assured of having a seat. We will see how it goes without a sign-up. So, there will be no sign-ups for daily or Sunday Masses this week. Please come to Mass if you are able. If there isn’t an open pew you can always hear the Mass outside on the outdoor speakers and receive Communion after Mass. Everyone who came to Mass had a mask. Everyone did very well with sanitizing. I beleive we have a safe enviroment. We will have Mass tomorrow, Monday at 8:00 am. Mass Monday morning is now part of our regular schedule.

A blessed Father’s day to all the Father’s in our parish.

God bless you all, Fr. LaHood

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