The St. Mary’s Youth Group is founded on the principle of creating a Catholic community for teens. In each meeting, we share a meal together and discuss interesting topics relevant to the time of year or current events. But, Youth Group isn’t limited to meeting twice a month and sharing lunch! There are many more activities planned, with each designed to bring the teens closer together as friends, encourage teamwork and the development or discovery of new skills and talents, all while building on the foundation of Christ and His Church.

To sign up, please fill out the form below and pay attention to the bulletin inserts every other week with announcements of upcoming events and meetings!

HEY TEENS AND PARENTS OF TEENS! In an effort to rev up our Youth Ministry program again after being separated for so long due to the pandemic, we’ve made an online survey we would really love if you would fill out to help us know how to better serve the youth in our parish community. If you would be willing to take 5-10 minutes to fill out the survey it would help us out massively to get Youth Group up and running again! Fill out the form here:

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Contact Kristina Lindgren-Andersen for more information by either emailing her or calling her at the parish office. She is in the office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and available every day via email:

Phone:  301-627-3255